Tales and Transients

Eons ago.. Bennett was playing in a band nominated for various Canadian music awards, his songs were receiving nationwide video/radio play. He was an independent, and he kinda disappeared for a bit. Truthfully; he was moving countries, marrying a lovely girl, planting roots, finding faith, providing the ice cubes while she had the kids… and well, he tended to be a little slower when it came to releasing his own material. But he’s picked up some steam these past few years and has been on a fairly good roll when it comes to pumping out new material. Some rock, some are folky, all have the standard Hughes imprint. It’s the scratchy vocals maybe, but the guitars really (and the ambient noises they make.) “Sonically, my music brings me back to my childhood on 20+ hour car trips from the east coast of Canada to northern Ontario where we'd all get turns to play disc jockey. Pops would be playing Leonard Cohen cassettes, mom would be spinning a Madonna record while my brother would be pushing Led Zeppelin.” Influenced musically primarily by the 90’s and 60’s he sites Peter Gabriel's "So" and "Up" albums, as some of his major influences. “The textures, the phrasing... all of that really excited me. I'm trying to capture a little of that while staying true to my own journey.”

Bennett Hughes Promo 1.jpg

“Daddy's a good boy.”



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