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The Hyper Follow Explained

Sooo... The #hyperfollow . What is that and why is it a thing? Well.. the good ladies and gents @spotify and @distrokid have done something innovative to try and give us independent lads and lasses a leg up. The Hyperfollow essentially lets you save a track before it comes out (only on Spotify... come on Apple, catch up already shesssh) then once the track releases, bam.. immediate availability.

Now the cool thing about that, is if you get a number of folks "hyperfollowing" you the robots and algorithms (that should be your next band name) of the Spotify take notice. For the indy. That's huge. It basically gets our music to more ears, much quicker, in ways that make the internet (momentarily) cool!

Here's a Hyperfollow link to my newest track home. If you follow, I'll make sure you get the video (PRE RELEASE) as a big thank you!

Most Sincerely,


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