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The Full Length Album "Kick Ton" RELEASED March 10th, 2023

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Tales and Transients

What must have been Eons ago.. Bennett was playing in a band nominated for various Canadian music awards, his songs were receiving nationwide video/radio play. But then he kinda disappeared musically for a bit… a long bit. 

Truthfully; he was moving countries, marrying a lovely girl, planting roots, finding faith, providing the ice cubes while she had the kids… and well, he tended to be a little slower when it came to releasing his own material.

After steadily releasing singles since 2018, Bennett began to write and record a full length record in 2021 amidst the pandemic. “I really wanted to challenge myself as to what I could accomplish from the confines of my house, away from the studio” (where he currently works as a music director.)

The result was an 11 song record called “Kick Ton” 

“Lyrically this record is all about all the voices vying for our attention, and the time and prayer it takes to discern between what is noise and what is truth. What is fact and what is fiction. In my own life I’ve seen so much evidence that points to Christ, and I'm excited to use big rock guitars to help tell that story.“
 Influenced musically primarily by the 90’s and 60’s he sites Bob Dylan, Jimmy Eat World, Switchfoot and The Foo Fighters as some of his major influences. 

“The textures, the phrasing... all of that really excited me. I'm trying to capture a little of that while staying true to my own journey.”

“Daddy's a good boy.”


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